"A Thorough, Structured System for Generating Bustling, Dynamic Crowds of People At Will"

Phil Ainsworth, UK

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Get perfect strangers to stop what they're doing and engage with you...

Whether you fancy having a crack at street performing...

you're trying your hand at trade shows...

or you are trying to get people to talk to you at wedding fairs and exhibitions one of the key skills you need to master is building a crowd...

In this special training, Street Performer and YouTube star magician, Steven Bridges is going to pull back the proverbial curtain and share all of the techniques he has learned to stop people and compel them to engage with you.

Successful Street Shows

The best street performers in the world are artistes at interrupting strangers, stopping them in their tracks regardless of their plans and getting them to watch a show they had no intention of attending.

Steven shares with you the structures that he has learned from the best street performers in the world and his personal experience of doing this in Leicester Square and Covent Garden in London over several years.

You'll skip a huuuge learning curve by learning from these incredible insights and get bigger crowds much more quickly.

Massive Results for Trade Shows

If you're less on the street and are more of an indoor trade show person, you know that one way to get more leads for your client is to build a crowd of people around you - and that crowd attracts a bigger crowd.

Many of the techniques that Steven shares will be directly translatable in to the trade show floor to give you massive impact!

Get More Leads For Yourself At Fairs and Exhibitions

If you exhibit to get more gigs at, perhaps wedding fairs or other exhibitions you know that it can be hard to capture people's attention when they are overwhelmed with so many choices of things to see and do.

Using many of Steven's 'Crowds' strategies you will be able to grab attention and keep it to give you more leads and more potential bookings from every event you exhibit at.

A thorough, structured system for generating bustling, dynamic crowds of people at will... Steven teaches the wealth of his knowledge gained in the trenches and on the streets over the last few years. All of the secret tips and crafted subtleties are exposed to learn and implement immediately.

I learnt a whole new approach to building interest and groups in the real world, one that I will be putting into practise the very next time I take my act out onto the street - Thanks again Steven!

Phil Ainsworth
The Momentalist

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