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Want More Gigs?

But Sick Of All The Bullshit 'Generic' Marketing Lessons That Don't Really Apply To Us Entertainers?


EPIC is the single best resource for practical, tried and tested business building advice for entertainers by professional entertainers - you'll get £482.32 of free business-building gifts when you join today.

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"The maximum I charged for a gig was £135, now I'm booked to do one for £4000 and this change in my business is down to one thing... applying the advice and lessons from EPIC."*


It started off with a weird vision.

Could I find other entertainers and bring them together to share their knowledge and passion for getting more gigs and running a successful entertainment business?

I know there are Facebook Groups, forums and a few self-proclaimed 'experts' teaching 'marketing' for entertainers - but most of that is theoretical stuff that isn't coming from the real world of being out there and having to rely on this stuff.

Only Practical Techniques That Are Being Used By Other Entertainers To Book Gigs

Is This What You've Been Looking For...?

Entrepreneur Performer's Inner Circle is designed for a specific 'type' of entertainer.

We have grown an unparalleled, down-to-earth community and you'll fit in if you want to...

Know What Is Working Right Now

Marketing and business moves fast and are constantly changing. You know that Facebook is releasing another update every time you blink, and how about Twitter, what about Google?

We don't focus on what is changing, but what is working right now for us to actually book paid gigs.

Surround Yourself With Others Who Have The Same Drive and Determination

Get support, encouragement and accountability from other like-minded entertainers who are passionate about success.

Being an entertainer can be lonely after all, and a lot of people aren't willing to freely admit that. But as a member of EPIC you have a community of fellow entertainers who are out there doing this stuff who really understand how you're feeling.

We've all been through incredible successes that we want to celebrate with others who really get how much work was involved, but we also need support when it's hard and you're feeling demotivated.

This community is designed to support you whenever you need it.

Get More Gigs

There's a lot of so-called 'gurus' (usually self-proclaimed) who teach 'marketing for entertainers' but let's be totally honest here: most of them are making more money from teaching this stuff than from actually doing it.

I am committed to checking out every resource I share with you, I only teach stuff I am actually doing to get my gigs, and I am almost militant in my scoping out of the guests who I allow to share their knowledge, to ensure they are REALLY doing what they teach.

I've refused some BIG names who want to teach their 'stuff' because they're not genuine and have no proof of having made a good living doing what they propose to teach.

I have a strict 'No BS Filter' as I am building a community of real life successful entertainers.

Charge Higher Fees

Competing on price is a fool's game.

There, I said it.

If the reason people book you is because 'you're good value' or have 'competitive pricing' then you're in a losing game because what will you do when some other guy comes along and undercuts your prices? It won't take long for the prices to be driven down so far that it's no longer possible for you to pay the bills on what you're making.

One of the things we focus on is how to we add more value and create a desirable brand so that people are happy to pay more to have you at their event.

By having this positioning is also means more people come to you to book you, and you have to do less chasing.

Run A Professional Entertainment Business

You can run a professional entertainment business part-time, at weekends or full time. The amount you do is up to you, however if you want to be seen as a professional quality entertainer there are some huge differences between how you might do business compared to some local lad who takes bookings by text message, right?

To be seen as a professional means you get more respect for being a professional business, instead of being introduced as someone who 'does a bit of entertainment'.

One of the reasons I started EPIC was due to my extreme passion for changing the perception of entertainers in the eyes of other businesses from being someone who does some 'nice stuff' to being a professional, respected business person.

"The Single Best Investment You'll Ever Make In Your Entertainment Business"


Join Entrepreneur Performers' Inner Circle

Join EPIC Right Now (And Get All That Cool Stuff!)

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Here's What You're Getting With EPIC Membership


What's Working Right Now To Book Gigs - Delivered Through The Mail Every Month

No more guessing or falling behind on what is and isn't working.

This is a monster and is often referred to as 'a whole weekend marketing conference delivered to your home each month'.

I cram as much enquiry-attracting, business-building, career-carving advice as possible in to around 10,500 words every single month so you know exactly what I am doing in my entertainment business right now, so you can get more of the exact gigs you want.

Detailed Marketing Lessons Through Monthly Video Trainings

NEW: Instant access to 48 in-depth video training courses to boost your business and give you complete systems to book more the gigs you want.

I sell many of these trainings for £59.99 each, but as an EPIC member you don't need to buy them anymore as they are included with your membership!

Past subjects we have had trainings on have included: Writing Words That Sell, Time Management and Planning, Email Marketing, Recession Proofing Your Business, Premium Pricing, Customised Performances, Branding, Facebook Ads and many others.

Personal Feedback On Your Marketing Materials

Send me your marketing materials every single month and I will record a video to give you specific, in depth feedback on any changes or suggestions I might have.

You can literally send me logos, websites, videos, newsletters, emails etc etc and get my personal insight on it.

This will save you a lot of time and money, and hopefully get you better results and more bookings from your marketing.

Live Q&A Sessions To Break Through Your Roadblocks And Get You Implementing Everything You Learn

Jump on our monthly closed-door member's only Q&A sessions and ask questions, share the challenges you're facing in your business.

Being an entertainer is actually a pretty lonely job, and there's nothing worse than feeling alone when it comes to building your business.

Inevitably you're going to get stuck, you're not going to know how to make something apply to you or work in your particular case. Rather than stew on it and get demotivated, send your questions in and join me live and we'll work through this together.

Save Time & Money With Access To MY Personal Contacts And Resources

I've wasted thousands of pounds and who-knows-how-many hours with poor quality suppliers and services. Let me save you that learning curve (and a lot of money).

You have access to my personal contacts that I use for everything from print to video hosting, web hosting to video editing.

I literally show you every tool, system and supplier I use in my entertainment business. Not only that but I give you a complete video walk-through of them so you can make an informed decisions as to whether they are suited for your needs, before you spend a penny.

24/7 Support, Inspiration And Accountability From An Incredible Community

Many say that access to this secret Facebook Group is worth many times the price of membership alone.

Inside of this group exclusively for members of EPIC you will see other members posting what they are working on, new ideas they have had for their business, you can post questions, and be held accountable to take action on the things you promise to do.

You're joining some of the most brilliant, motivated and encouraging entertainers on the planet. There's no back-biting or bitching at all. Just real, raw passion for success!

"A solid system that produces results and addresses the things entertainers need the most. There is no reason to not take your business seriously. EPIC forces you to work!"


Join Entrepreneur Performers' Inner Circle

Join EPIC Right Now (And Get All That Cool Stuff!)

Step 1 of 2

Tell Me Who You Are and How To Contact You


£482.32 Of Incredible FREE GIFTS When You Join EPIC

To Accelerate Your Entertainment Business' Success I'll Also Send You This Awesome Pile Of Gig-Getting Gifts...


VALUE: £49.99

If you read a lot and learn a lot you'll know that one of the mist frustrating thing is not having the time to do everything you learn.

I've been obsessed with productivity and "getting shit done" most of my life and in The Battle Plan I show you how to:

  • Filter out all the stuff you're never going to use/do.
  • Take action on more stuff.
  • plan and prioritise things.
  • Get more done in less time.

The Battle Plan should be the very first thing you study as it'll help you get MASSIVE results from all of your learning.


VALUE: £1,919.52

These trainings sell separately for £39.99 each and you'll find them right inside of your EPIC Member's Hub as soon as you join. Including:

  1. EPIC Facebook Ads - Getting Gig Enquiries Through Facebook Ads
  2. Finding and Working With Virtual Assistants - How to advertise for, interview and hire a personal assistant as-well-as what to have them do for you to help you become more productive, look more professional and get more done.
  3. Back Of Room Sales - How to earn more by adding back of room product sales to your business. Learn several different models for doing that that add massively to your income.
  4. Telephone Conversion - My pal Rob Temple takes us through the exact system he designed when he was a children's/family entertainer that booked him more gigs over the phone than anyone I know.
  5. EPIC Graphic Design - An innovative way of briefing and finding a graphic designer without breaking the bank.
  6. Words That Sell - If you've ever sat staring at a blank page wondering what to write, you're going to learn my techniques for writing compelling words that get people excited to book you.


VALUE: £172.40

While you receive a brand new EPIC Member's Only Newsletter each month with what is working right now, when you join EPIC you'll receive the special Welcome Edition which is packed some awesome marketing and business lessons, plus a back-issue of the newsletter (which other members paid £86.20 for)

Included in the Welcome Edition:

  • The Ninja Pricing StrategyUse this psychological pricing strategy to get more people to book your highest price package almost every single time (without any shenanigans).
  • How To Create Viral VideosMonthly guest columnist Steven Bridges has more than 5 million views of his magic videos on YouTube and he takes you behind the scenes in to how to make videos that go viral and get huge viewership numbers.
  • Promo Reels That Get You BookedMost entertainer's showreels suck. They don't get them booked, and that's because they don't know what makes a great showreel. I've asked event bookers, clients and agents and used that collective knowledge to create a winning formula. Use this, get more gigs - simple.
  • Moving From Entertainer To Highly Paid SpeakerTim David made the transition and is now a well respected keynote speaker and trainer with a regular column on the Huffington Post. Tim shares how he made the shift.

PLUS an additional back-issue from the archive packed with practical business-building, gig-getting strategies for you to copy and paste to get more of the exact gigs you want!


Value: £19.99

As you build your collection you want to keep them in great condition so you can reference the lessons, checklists and strategies for years to come.

With this smart binder you'll be able to put your EPIC Newsletter on a shelf so you have easy access to it the moment you need to reference a particular lesson.

This Is NOT For You...

EPIC is not your usual 'marketing course' in any way, therefore it's purposefully priced and positioned to keep certain people out.

Please do not apply if you are any of the following, if...

  • You're All Talk And No Action. I can't make you do the work that's needed. If you're not willing to commit to doing what it takes to apply what I share with you then EPIC is not for you.
  • Looking For A Quick Fix. You are building a business, and that takes time. If you're not willing to commit to the success of your entertainment business for at least a year then EPIC is not for you.
  • You Wanna "Do Nothing Make Money". This stuff takes work, so if you are expecting to learn secret ninja techniques that allow you to sit around and play video games and have gigs come in all on their own accord, EPIC is not for you.
  • You're A Negative Nelly. The most valuable and precious thing to me is that we are building a community of amazing, driven performer who love entertaining people. We are solution-focused people, so if your glass is always half empty, EPIC is not for you.
  • Your Act Sucks. EPIC is about growing your business and getting you more gigs, it is not about improving your act. If you were to do awesome marketing of a bad act, all you'd be doing would be telling more and more people you're no good  So if your act stinks, EPIC is not for you.

Receive All Of This When You Join EPIC For Just £86.20 Per Month

Join Entrepreneur Performers' Inner Circle

Join EPIC Right Now (And Get All That Cool Stuff!)

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Tell Me Who You Are and How To Contact You

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Is Membership?

The cost of membership £86.40 per month today and each month thereafter. Membership automatically renews every month.

What Is The Minimum Membership Period?

There is no minimum at all. While I don't think you can expect to master any business in just a few months, you can cancel at any time simply by dropping me an email through the support link you see when you're logged in to the EPIC Online Member's Hub.

What Types Of Entertainers Is It For?

Members of EPIC are from all types of entertainment businesses including magicians, jugglers, mentalists, children's party entertainers, hypnotists, musicians, clowns, balloon artists, escapologists to name a few.

Does This Stuff Work In My Country?

We have a global membership community with entertainers who are growing their businesses and getting more of the exact gigs they want in countries such as Germany, USA, Canada, Australia, Belgium, Norway, UK, France, Singapore and more. The lessons are pretty much universal.

If I'm 'So Successful' Why Am I Teaching This Stuff?

Since I travel up and down the UK and around the world performing mainly at conferences, I spend a lot of time sitting on planes and trains - or waiting for them. Couple that with the fact I am obsessed with creating systems for things to save me time - I end up with a lot of free time, and a little while ago I thought I should find something to do to fill in that time.

Over the past 5 or so years I've been asked by a few entertainers if I'll help them in some way to fix their marketing, organise their business and generally help them get more gigs.

So I figured if I have a lot of spare time while travelling to and from gigs each week, people want help with business and marketing, and I am passionate about business then why not use that time to create something that will help a lot of people. And of course get paid for it, there's nothing wrong with that is there?

However it is about more than just the practical stuff. I am really passionate about changing the perception of entertainers from being 'just an entertainer' to being taken seriously as businesses. Through EPIC I get to do that.

And one final selfish reason - when you have to teach something that forces you to understand it far better than if you were just having to do it. So by having to teach new stuff every single month in EPIC I am committed to being abreast as to what is happening and what is working. Which of course all feeds in to my own business and makes me better too.

*Earnings Disclaimer

While all results and statistics mentioned are true, they should not be taken as indication as to what your results will be. The results you get are subject to many factors which include (but are not limited to) your market, your implementation, location and materials. These results are not typical and represent the outcomes for the individuals mentioned alone.