Join Some Of The Smartest Entertainers On The Planet At The Second Entertainer's Business and Marketing Conference To Learn:

"How To get More Of The Gigs You Want With Cutting Edge Marketing, That Is Proven To Work For Entertainers"



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Well hello there fellow entertainer-y person 🙂 ...

How do you fancy immersing yourself in a full day of other entertainers sharing exactly what they're doing to book more gigs at the fees they want to charge?

Sounds canny, right?

The Entertainer's Business and Marketing Conference is about sharing what is working right now by going knee-deep in to one specific element of successful entertainers' businesses so you can learn how to apply what they are doing yourself (and save you the learning curve and expense!).

If you want more gigs, higher fees, to move in to full time or part-time professional as an entertainer you know there's a lot of BS being pedalled around on the internet about what you 'should' be doing, right?

Forget that crap.

I personally vet every single speaker I invite to talk at the EBMC to make certain they are making their living from doing exactly what they teach.

Have a gander at the lineup and you'll see I've persuaded some of the country's brightest and best entertainers to share the specific marketing and business strategies that they hold responsible for their success.

Join us for a full day and immerse yourself in your business and I guarantee you'll leave with practical strategies for getting more of the exact types of gigs you want.


The conference room at the Crowne Plaza can only hold a limited number of people, and last year we packed it out (it was cosy!). With so many delegates from last year returning this year, please do book early not only to get the best ticket price (see above) but to make sure it doesn't fill up before you get your ticket.

Meet The Presenters

What You'll Learn


LUKE JERMAY: How To Get People To Pay To Come See Your Show

Jermay will need little introduction, known by his fellow mentalists for his fiercely original and compelling performances the world over.  Jermay’s approach to the business of show business is as unusual and surprising to many mentalists as his performance pieces.  Jermay only performs shows for ticket buying members of the public.  You can not book him for close up or private work.  He shuns the world of corporate entertainment. The only place to see him is on a stage in a theatre with his one man show ‘Sixth Sense.’

For the first time Jermay will openly, honestly and frankly discuss his personal ‘pay per view’ model that underpins all of the professional performance work he has done in the last decade.

This talk will open your eyes to a model of professional performance few have ever seriously considered and show that it might just be easier than you think.


SPENCER WOOD AND LEE SMITH: Impact Networking and Solution Selling

Lee and Spencer are taking the corporate world by storm with their innovative approach to solution-based selling.

Instead of selling 'magic shows' they focus on something very different that grabs clients' attention and leads them to top dollar earnings.

In this special talk, they are going to show you how to use unconventional approaches to increasing your workload, eliminating negativity and dominating your market.

...the very systems that have completely transformed their businesses, earnings and lifestyles.


CRAIG PETTY: Business Development For Magicians (Using Skills We Already Have)

Craig Petty will be speaking about magical principles you are already aware of that you can adapt and implement to focus, develop and grow your business. If you feel overwhelmed about everything and you are getting information overload you HAVE to see this talk. 

Business development doesn’t need to be difficult in fact it’s easy if you know what to focus on first.  Come along and find out why Craig has been described as ‘The Number One Motivational Magician in the UK’.

“I would share the stage with Craig Petty at any business show in the world - he’s that good” Brad Burton - The UK’s Number One Motivational Business Speaker


KEN DYNE: Your Products, Your Clients and Your Profits

Most entertainers are struggling right now. And it's only going to get worse as we enter Brexit Britain where people's purse-strings get tighter, right?

I'm going to show you how to dominate your markets by understanding and defining your offerings - the only way of truly building a successful business as an entertainer.

If there's one thing most entertainers suck at, it is keeping hold of their money. Yes you might earn a few hundred pounds every week, or maybe a few thousand, but where are those thousands that you've let slip through your fingers over the years?

Let's fix that.

I'll show you how to fill your calendar with gigs in your market, and how to keep more of that money so you can have a great lifestyle and provide for your family - instead of worrying about how you'll pay your way until the next gig decides to come in.


MARTYN ROWLAND: Systems For Getting More Gigs, And Losing Less Of Them

Have you ever looked back and wondered, "whatever happened to that enquiry?"

Perhaps you get overwhelmed or frustrated with invoices, contracts and all of those things?

Martyn's special presentation at EBMC 2017 is about the systems and workflows you can put in place to get more organised, let fewer gigs fall through the cracks and look more professional so that your clients love working with you.

*Terms and Conditions Of Sale: All tickets are non refundable in all cases and are booked on a first come, first served basis. We reserve the right to offer deals and discounts and alter prices without warning or notice. Speakers and presenters are all subject to change without notice.

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