Join Some Of The Smartest Entertainers On The Planet At The Fourth Entertainer's Business and Marketing Conference To:

"Build Your One-Page Business Plan To Book More Of The Gigs You Want - In A Day"


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Huge Lessons For Your Entertainment Business

Fellow Entertainers,

Do you think you'd have more gigs and have them more consistently if you spent a full day focused on just that?

Of course you know you could.

And even more so if you spent that day surrounded by other people who are doing it too.

You'll leave Entertainers' Business and Marketing Conference 2019 not only hugely inspired to kick ass, but with the skills and knowhow to actually do it.

For the past 3 years now, all kinds of entertainers have flown in to London to join us for a full day of looking at what is working right now to book more of the gigs we want.

Join us for this special event purely focused on the art of building a successful entertainment business.

The event content is never shared outside of the live event itself and no recording are made available. That's just one of the things that makes this such an incredibly popular event.

Tickets are obviously limited due to the size of the room we have.

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An Unmatched Roster Of Presenters Sharing Their Expertise To Help You Grow Your Entertainment Business


Write Your 1-Page Business Strategy

In Ken's 1st session he's share with you that the #1 reason most entertainers don't get to the level they want because they don't have a strategy.

But what is an effective strategy?

In this hands-on session, Ken will guide you through the most practical one-page business strategy to give you definitive answers for every business question you could have, including:

  1. How many gigs you need.
  2. When you need them.
  3. Where they're going to come from.
  4. Which markets you need to get into to make it happen.

This is a real reality-check session where you'll face the hard questions and end up with a single sheet that tells you everything you're going to do in the next few months, the next year and the next few years to build the entertainment business YOU want.


The Game of Prospecting

Greg Dwyer began his sales career in direct marketing in 1995. He worked for Stage Door Music as a top telemarketer and sale manager.

Greg went on as a fundraiser at Concordia College-NY where he was told by his boss he has never met a person so smooth on the phone. On his last sold out retreat to Israel, his commission was $21,000.00.

Greg is not interested in sharing theory. He will only share what has worked for him, hoping that it might work for you as well. Greg’s presentation will focus on the philosophy and mindset needed to play the prospecting game.


Non Sales-y Salesmanship For Entertainers

In Ken's 2nd session at EBMC this year, he's going to share with you his 'Sales Ladder' model for becoming a compelling sales person so you can turn more enquiries into paid bookings - without having to do all that shitty salesman stuff.

The structure Ken will share allows you to walk up through the rungs of the 'Sales Ladder', just follow the process and make more sales.

This approach has no 'closes' in it, no 'psychological binds', but actually makes you come across as a really nice person - yet you'll make more sales.

With this system you'll have a step-by-step process to take people through, instead of 'talking in circles' which is what most entertainers do and you'll have the confidence to have sales conversations that you know are going to turn into bookings.

Yes! I Want The Best Price Ticket For The Event Now