Join Some Of The Smartest Entertainers On The Planet At The Third Entertainer's Business and Marketing Conference To Learn:

"How To get More Of The Gigs You Want With Cutting Edge Marketing, That Is Proven To Work For Entertainers"


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Huge Lessons For Your Entertainment Business

Fellow Entertainers,

Do you think you'd have more gigs and have them more consistently if you spent a full day focused on just that?

Of course you know you could.

And even more so if you spent that day surrounded by other people who are doing it too.

You'll leave Entertainers' Business and Marketing Conference 2018 not only hugely inspired to kick ass, but with the skills and knowhow to actually do it.

For the past 2 years now, all kinds of entertainers have flown in to London to join us for a full day of looking at what is working right now to book more of the gigs we want.

Join us for this special event purely focused on the art of building a successful entertainment business.

The event content is never shared outside of the live event itself and no recording are made available. That's just one of the things that makes this such an incredibly popular event.

Tickets are obviously limited due to the size of the room we have.

An Unmatched Roster Of Experts Sharing Their Real Lessons To Help You Get More Of The Gigs You Want

Hacking Willpower - To Get More Done


Willpower (or self-discipline) is the most fundamental, most important psychological resource you bring to your business, as it underpins everything else you might want to get going.

Want to be consistently contacting venues & following up with new prospects? You’ll need willpower to keep going with those regular calls.

Want to get in shape by going to the gym 3 times a week? You’ll need a whole load of willpower to keep that up for any length of time.

Want to commit to constant development, by reading business books on weekday mornings? It’ll take willpower to sit down, day in, day out, and do that reading.

Want to tighten up your show through regular rehearsals? Or create a more productive working environment by regularly tidying your office? Well guess what…

In fact, you can probably imagine, quite easily, how having just a little more willpower could transform your working life.

And yet we all have first-hand experience of just how fallible we are in this respect, of how rarely our resolutions to ‘just try harder’ actually work.

In this interactive session, Will unpacks the reasons behind this, and teaches a range of techniques that really do work for boosting willpower.

Participants will learn:

  • How our minds trick us into making poor decisions, and how an awareness of these mental processes can help us break free of them.
  • The practical, cognitive and emotional strategies that make consistent action less effortful.
  • The real secret to achieving a big transformation in your working practices and routines.

Touring Your Own Theatre Show - The Hard Lessons From My First Tour


Taking your own show on tour is the dream of many performers.

It was the dream of comedy hypnotist Robert Temple for years too and in early 2018 he did just that.

He funded the thing himself and took a full production on tour up and down the UK.

In this special presentation Rob is going to share the big lessons he learned from touring his own show including how he plans on doing it better later this year.

He'll cover everything from expenses to what you need, negotiating good deals with theatres and what happens when you have to cancel a show half-way-through.

This is a warts and all presentation on the real truths of touring your own show that Rob wish he'd seen before embarking on his tour.

The Anatomy Of A Successful Entertainment Business


You read so much about all of the things you should be doing, but how do you actually formulate it all into a proper, scalable, predictable business?

In this presentation Ken Dyne will show you the exact ways to systemise your marketing and run a successful entertainment business that doesn't take over your whole life.

A combination of tactics and strategic thinking will give you the entertainment business you desire.

This is a highly interactive session that will have you actually doing stuff in the room that will make immediate changes to the way you run your business - so you can get more of your life back.



We only get real working pros and experts as speakers at EBMC so this means we often have to confirm the speakers later due to their availability.