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  • The ONE thing 95% of people are doing in the opening lines of their emails that are KILLING your responses...
  • The BEST email layout that gets FAR more people responding and booking you than any other...
  • The 7-step process for crafting high converting email campaigns that I use EVERY time.
  • PLUS: If you join today I'm going to give you 3 COMPLETE EMAIL CAMPAIGNS THAT I AM USING RIGHT NOW to convert more enquiries in to bookings, launch my new show, and get paid on time - all without looking like a sales asshole!

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Dear Fellow Performer,

If you're not getting the responses from your emails that you'd like then good news, I'm holding a brand new training that is specifically designed to fix this for you.

On this incredible training I'm going to show you:

THE biggest mistake 95% of people are making when they begin writing an email.

The SINGLE WORD that almost everyone is using in their emails that is KILLING your response. (Change this one thing, and you'll see a dramatic increase)

How to construct an EMAIL CAMPAIGN that gives you the best response, without pissing everyone off.

How to AUTOMATE almost all of this so that it's all taken care of, so you can get on with performing at all the extra shows you'll be booking since your emails are actually converting people from enquirers in to gigs.

A Real Life Case Study

Recently I did an email exchange with a very successful mentalists. He had a new book out, as did I. So we said we'd send an email to each of our customer lists about the other person's new book.

Great idea!

I emailed for his book, and he made over £1000 in sales off the back of it.

A few week later he emailed for my book and...sold NOTHING

There was only ONE huge difference in the email that was sent - and it had NOTHING to do with the words he typed at all.

That's just one thing I'm going to share with you on this new training.

The price of this is a steal at £59.99. However for the next couple of days you can grab it right now for £39.99 (saving you £20).

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