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Entertainer friends -

I must get 10+ Facebook messages a day asking me for advice on getting more gigs, what to charge for gigs, how to change 'markets' - from ALL kinds of entertainers.

While I'm probably most known for my no BS attitude to mentalism, I've also helped a few hundred entertainers around the world to stop worrying about getting gigs so they can focus on being kick-ass performers.

Would you like to get an email from me every day with some of my best marketing lessons? I'll tell stories, I'll swear and I'll give you some BIG lessons on getting more of the gigs you want.

In my daily emails I promise you:

  1. I will not use them as a dick-measuring exercise to tell you how fabulous I am.
  2. I will give you practical lessons and insights from stuff I'm actually doing that helps me to run my entertainment business pretty smoothly, and get the gigs I want regularly.

All kinds of entertainers LOVE this stuff including:

Basically, if you entertain people - you're going to love these emails.

You'll get an email from me every day - but a word of warning. This isn't Momma's Olde Email Newsletter that you can filter in your gmail and never open. Having an email list of so many people is getting expensive so if you don't open an email for 30 days, you'll automatically be removed from the list.

This is only for action-takers, people who are engaged.


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