Top 10 Mentalism Releases Of 2014 (So Far)

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After writing the list out I realised that the year has flown by and some of these may have been first released earlier than 2014, but they have certainly made fame this year. In no particular order, my personal top 10 mentalism releases for the year so far are:

Divine – Colin McLeod

A Piece of my Mind – Michael Murray

Train Tracking – Atlas Brookings

Intimate Mysteries – Chris Philpot

Distraction – Luke Jermay

Lecture Notes 2014 – Ian Rowland

Menta(Lists) – Alexander May

Ninja Tossed Out Deck – Patrick Redford

Diary Presage – Paul Romhany

Hundredth Monkey – Chris Philpot

The biggest danger with doing a Top 10 like this is that I will inevitably have overlooked someone, probably a close friend or student who now thinks I don’t love them. The second problem is that everyone has their own Top 10 – so what have I missed out? What would you have included? Let me know in the comments below 🙂

One Comment on “Top 10 Mentalism Releases Of 2014 (So Far)”

  1. Paul Sharp

    I totally understand that there are different levels in Mentalism. For me ‘Infamous’ by Daniel Meadows and James Anthony was a good release. This gave me an added element to my approach and ends with an unexpected reveal.

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