How To Get More Likes On Your Facebook Page (And More Followers On Twitter)

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Squeezed between photos of cats, puppies and food-porn, we all see messages from companies we like, telling us about their latest product.

That’s how we keep up to date with things isn’t it?

Or is it just me?

Having tons of followers on these social networks like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram means that you can promote your shows, appearances and get some real celebrity status.

So how do we get more people following our antics on social media?

What I Learned From an ABBA Tribute

Social mediaAt one of my recent gigs the night was finished off with an Abba Tribute act.

I’ve not seen one of these in years. But they were good.

Not only was their act good but they had a really spiffing way of getting people to connect with them on social media.

As soon as I saw it, I knew I just HAD to do this.

And you should too!

At the end of each set (or in our case our show) give out a postcard.

Simple ey?

I thought so too.

When people come and see us, and they enjoy the show, they often want a small memento of the experience.

We all collect memories don’t we?

So why don’t we give them something?

The postcard just needs to have some nice photos from your show on it.

And you give them away.

If you have a bit of a celebrity status with your audience you can offer to sign them. If that fits your style.

Here’s The Big Take Away, Folks

You want to have a VERY STRONG presence of text asking people to connect with you on all of the major social media platforms.

So when they take the souvineer postcard away with them, they’ll have all of the info in front of them to ‘like’ your page on Facebook, to ‘follow’ you on Twitter and to do ‘whatever’ it is they do on Instagram.

Why They Do It – Why It Works

Influence Word Cloud Concept on a 3D cube WhiteboardI wondered how this works.

What on earth causes people to take the time from getting a free postcard to putting in the effort to connecting with you online?

The only explanation I can find is a psychological principal called Reciprocity.

In its most basic form, because you’ve given them a good experience of your show, and then you’ve given them a free postcard, they feel subtly indebted to you and closer to you and so will want to repay that psychological ‘debt’ by (hopefully) liking your page.

This is a really sweet way of getting more people to connect with you online. And for the cost of a few hundred postcards I think it’s definitely worth having a crack at!

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