4 Unspoken Secrets Of Successful Magicians and Mentalists

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4 Unspoken Secrets Of Successful Magicians and Mentalists

What is the difference that makes some entertainers fully booked, doing all of those luxury gigs, and yet so many are left at home wondering where the next gig is coming from?

Over the past 3 years I’ve been helping my fellow entertainers achieve new levels of success, and there are 4 important (and huge) differences between what the fully booked guys (and gals) are doing, and what everyone else does.

1. Let Go Of Your Show

Ken Dyne performing at MINDVention in Las Vegas October 2015

Man, your act has to be good. But at some point you have to step back and realise that you’re spending all of your time making it perfect when you really should be spending some of that time on building your career.

Instead of 100% of your time spent thinking about new routines, better methods and gags, spend just 70% of your time on building your reputation and getting gigs.

I spend the drive to gigs and the time after my gig working on pieces for the act itself.

On the way to the gig it helps to be engrossed in your act because that’s creating focus and getting you in ‘the zone’.

Then right after a show, again it’s fresh in your mind so get yourself a journal and write down everything you learned from that show.

What did you learn that you did right? What will you work on to improve next time?

These are the perfect times to work on this stuff and be all ‘act focused’.

2. Gigs AND Career

Conference Shot 2015The manager of a (very) famous UK mentalist taught me this lesson.

I’ve been a full time mentalist for 13 years. Since I was 18 years old, man.

But I had no career.

A career is something that builds and progresses, gigs are just one-off gigs that you do in exchange for money.

If you had a career you’d be putting your price up. You’d be getting invited to parties, premiers and special events and not even expected to perform. Just to be there.

Career is about building your brand and your value.

Getting a string of gigs is just a gig, that gig pays you money today and might hire you back for a few years.

But a career is about accolades, it’s about awards, it’s achievements and recognition among peers and in your industry (I mean the entertainment industry, not the micro-industry of magic, okay?).

So you need to include career-building activities – not just things that get you gigs directly.

This is where SO many people fall down and so end up fighting for that next gig until the day they keel over and die!

3. Rehearsal Attitude (Rather Than Show Attitude)

National Conference Ken Dyne 2014To be an artist means that your art is never finished. Your act is a constant work in progress.

So rather than viewing each show as a performance, change that thinking in to it being a rehearsal in which you will include everything you learned from the last rehearsal, in preparation to learn more for the next rehearsal.

This keeps your fresh, and also allows you to relax and be in the moment, enjoying the process.

4. Stage Time. Stage Time. Stage Time.

Ken Dyne Card Memory Demonstration 2014One of my mentors kept shouting this at me. And now I am here, doing the same at you.

The only thing that can improve your act, and the amount you get booked it by doing it more.

If you’re on stage (or close up) you are improving your act and performance skills.

And when you’re performing, you’re in front of a whole audience of people who get to know you, like you and have the potential to book you.

So if you’e just starting out, I always advise the students I mentor to get out there and perform. For free if you have to. If you have to pay. Do it.

Get yourself in front of audiences, interacting with people people and you’ll grow as a performer at an incredible speed.

While you do that you’ll also be meeting lots of people and you’re going to find yourself getting booked by them!

It’s a win-win all round for everyone.

If you’d like more information about the business side of things for entertainers, I’m hosting as free webinar on Tuesday, 3rd November entitled ‘How To Earn More From The Gigs You’re Already Doing’. If you’ve found this article before then and there are still spaces available, click here to register one of the spaces now.


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