iThought So

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Congratulations on finding this page. I'm Ken Dyne and, under another name I have been performing as a full time mentalist in the UK for 9 years now.

Using iThought So you will create the illusion that you're able to control someone's thoughts. This is the one routine I have in my wallet so I can impress people at a moment's notice - which often turns in to well paid gigs.

I'll send you the download link to your email, just tell me where to send it and it'll wing its way to you automatically within a few seconds (just use the form to the right).

WARNING: This is an instant download e-book that I typed whilst waiting on a delayed train at Kings Cross Station, London. The book details a routine that I carry in my wallet permanently. The method is simple and one you probably already know. However I think this is as close to a perfect presentation and rationale for it as I have come up with so far. Due to the rushed conditions under which it was slapped out on my keyboard the thing is riddled with typos. So if any of that stuff offends you, don't download it.