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This exclusive release has been Ken Dyne’s most treasured piece of mentalism for more than a decade.

A demonstration of indirect suggestion followed by one where you reveal things conjured up in the imagination of a complete stranger.

Daydreamer builds with each phase and ends in a twist that leaves jaws on the floor, and people on their feet.

“This is Ken at his VERY best. Hands down my favourite routine of his to date!” – MICHAEL MURRAY

Shipping Expected: 1st November


“I have seen this performed live and is a killer routine! Wonderfully structured with a kicker ending that will make the people stand up on their feet!” – LUCA VOLPE

The first phase of Daydreamer is a modern, innovative test of someone’s suggestibility. A multi-phase routine  that you can apply to any of your existing demonstrations to give more credibility.

Once you’ve confirmed how suggestible your participant is you proceed with the main Daydreamer effect:

An audience member who you’ve never met before is placed into a seemingly trance-like state (this is optional and instructions for this are included) and asked to imagine a scene.

You now proceed to reveal specific elements of that scene in increasingly interesting, fascinating and surprising ways that play out the ebbs and flows of a great performance.

Throughout the routine you ask the person to confirm that:

  • They are merely imagining their answers.
  • The things they are imagining were not written down.
  • They are thinking of unusual, non obvious or logical answers.
  • You’ve never spoken to them before

Then in true Ken Dyne style, the finale of the routine has a huge twist that creates an explosion of applause and people shouting ‘No way!’.

All of this with:

  • No electronics
  • No logic puzzles
  • No progressive/branching anagrams

The whole routine relies on a simple, classic method which, when combined with Ken’s ingenious presentational premise, turn this into a show-stopping reputation maker.

You’ll receive every detail of the full 2-phase routine in a gorgeous black, gold-foiled box inside of which is a stunning bound book with full scripts, rationals, alternatives and additional ideas.

Performance of the routine on Cruise Ships and Television are withheld.

“Daydreamer is a perfect example of Ken Dyne’s brilliant thinking. Combining classic sure fire methods, clever subtleties and psychology, he has created a routine that is sure to entertain, mystify and amaze audiences. This is what mind reading should look like.” – MANOS KARTSAKIS


Q1. Is the routine restricted by language?

The method is not at all restricted by language, however one of the revelations will have to be changed to your own language if you perform in a language other than English. But this is VERY easily done.

Q2. Is there any pre-show?

Nope. None at all.


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